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We work with you to design, prototype and develop your next project. Leverage our extensive manufacturing expertise to ensure your product is to market on time and competitively priced.

Design Optimised for Manufacturing

Our designs guarantee that your product can be efficiently manufactured to the highest standard, minimising your costs and improving the end-user experience.

Identifying your technical and functional requirements comes easy with us. We can provide expert recommendations relating to material selection, tooling and fabrication, moulding techniques and assembly that will directly improve your costs and time to market as well as the quality and durability of your product.

Our dedicated design and engineering teams have full design capabilities (eg CAD/CAM, Catia, UG) and work with the latest technology, materials and application processes to get you the best in quality, efficiency and economy.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • Automation and robotic assembly design expertise
  • Compliance with strict design standards as a tier 1 automotive supplier
  • Accurate physical prototyping
  • Large part size 3D measuring capability
  • In-house glass testing to ECE R43 and ADR safety standards
  • Finite Element Analysis, product validation and durability testing
  • CMM aided design and dimension control
  • DFM / DFA evaluation

Tooling Design and Manufacture

MHG will design and manage the production of tooling for the best functioning, looking, cost effective and appropriate quality for your products. Let our experience help you to achieve great, long lasting tools.

Excellence in Project Management

Our highly experienced project managers work with local and international customers from a wide range of industries and will deliver even your most complex projects on time. We have embedded stringent project management standards and processes across our business and our commitment to you is in managing risk, actively responding to issues that arise and maintaining close contact with our customers.


Re-shoring your business with us gives you immediate advantages:

  • 100% flexibility and confidence around delivery times (particularly demanding or short delivery times)
  • Less lead time to market and the ability to react quickly to your markets’ demands
  • Lower stock holding costs as we can manufacture and deliver however your business requires
  • More control and support for your design, tooling and production requirements
  • Certainty about the quality of inputs and components and a minimised risk of supply chain disruptions
  • A one-stop shop service instead of a complex web of service suppliers
  • Price confidence - offshore manufacturing carries with it an abundance of additional costs that are not always apparent or disclosed to the buyer (eg. Freight, exchange rates)
  • Simplified collaboration and communication with us as locally-based suppliers

Our very competitive tool and part pricing together with the latest technology and equipment is sure to optimise your products, gain real production efficiencies and deliver cost-savings to you.

Takeover Projects

We can step in to remedy design or production problems with your existing products or help to get your projects back on track.

We can help you answer how to:

  • Achieve time critical supply targets, every time
  • Perfect your part or mould design so you get the best results possible
  • Reduce your manufacturing costs through adjustments to design, tooling or materials
  • Significantly improve the finish quality of your product
  • Receive top notch customer service and support and clear and reliable communication

Strict quality testing, audit and monitoring systems are in place to ensure our work complies with your specific documented requirements and that we always deliver to the highest standards.

Get in touch – we’re happy to provide advice and discuss ways to resolve your concerns and optimise your ROI.