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Our flagship production facilities and equipment deliver precise, fast and high-quality products across our moulding, extrusion, painting and assembly.

Our flagship production facilities and equipment deliver precise, fast and high-quality products across our moulding, extrusion, painting and assembly.

  • We process all types of plastics and parts from 15gm simple plastic parts to 7kg very large over moulded parts using high grade engineering plastics
  • We have injection moulding machine sizes from 100T to 1300T clamp force, including vertical mould machines
  • Our extrusion lines output plastics ranging from 40gms to 1kg/m
  • We have automated and manual paint lines and can paint any part up to 1.37m wide; finishes include grained, painted and chromed parts requiring the highest A class finish
  • We have invested in a comprehensive range of testing and quality checking equipment
  • By using cutting edge robotics and automation, our manufacturing significantly reduces project lead times and waste and is highly cost competitive.

We also offer finishing services such as in mould printing and packaging to your specifications as well as the safe warehousing of your parts and products.

Contact us for a free quote or to arrange a tour of our facility. We would love the opportunity to show you how we do business better.

Plastic Injection Moulding

You can be sure that your job moves smoothly with our machine sizes ranging from 100 to 1,300 tons. We can manufacture parts of any size and complexity in any dimension and colour, in high or low volumes.

We use world leading thin wall moulding applications and sequential gating applications to allow high quality moulding of longer parts.

All polymer types and grades, including engineering grade resins, are available to use including:

  • Polypropylene (including glass filled, mineral filled, PP EPDM and UV stabilised)
  • Polyethylene and ABS (all available in a range of colours)
  • Polycarbonate, ASA and nylon
  • Rigid or flexible polyurethane foam

Enjoy a flawless painted or chrome finish with our Class A moulded surfaces.

Plastic Extrusion

We can meet your specific application needs with custom extrusion profiles using flexible, rigid or co-extruded thermoplastics materials.

Our experience spans all industries and product types, including:

  • Boat gunnels
  • Decorative trim in chrome or painted finishes
  • Billboard framing
  • Automotive trim and body mouldings
  • Electrical parts (e.g. Wall star plugs)

With our extrusion machines and equipment, you get cost effective and consistent outcomes and the best possible value on each job. We are the extrusion experts – have a chat (link to contact us page) to learn more about our capabilities and range of services.


Product quality and reliability is always at the top of our priorities, backed by our fully automated robotic assembly systems that keep your production costs down especially for high volume runs.

Our assembly equipment portfolio includes:

  • Standard automatic soldering cell for semi or fully automated operations of selective point to point soldering from above
  • Plastic welding and joining automation
  • Robotic door glass assembly system
  • Automated assembly of embedded electronics and sensor brackets

We take our quality guarantee very seriously. Our line equipment uses cutting edge comprehensive mistake proofing (poka-yoke) systems such as sensors to prevent processing errors and a vision audit system to capture images, analyse them, and trigger a pre-determined action.

Professional manual assembly services are also available, complete with stringent audit and quality standards to ensure our work is accurate and consistent.