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Tactile Guidance Safety Indicators

We’ve recently added fully recycled TGSI (Tactile Guidance Safety Indicators) tiles to our capabilities as an innovative alternative to porcelain tiles. Hazard and directional design, also available in alternative materials suitable for many applications, including flexible polyurethane and with easily fitted butyl backing.

Star Plug™

The Star Plug™ plastic wall plug is manufactured in Australia as an extruded product with superior retention.

Wheelstops for Carparks

We can manufacture wheelstops made from tough, UV stabilised, as a substitute for the more fragile rubber wheelstops. Ask us about our range of colours from black 100% recycled or available in a range of colours, including any colour of choice.

Medical Waste Bin

We manufacture the 19L MHG Clinical Waste Bin with security features added to the lid. This fully recyclable product is ideal for securely disposing of all manner of sensitive materials. Customer specific in mould label available. Pending sharps approval.

Cable Spools

Our lightweight, fully recycled spools are a perfectly cost-effective solution for transporting cable, wire, rope and soft extruded products. With a wide range of available sizes, we’re sure to accommodate your application.

Speed Humps

Bright yellow and real black, the heavy duty hump is easily installed. Manufactured from hard wearing UV stabilised composite plastic construction. The 100 tonne load capacity complies with Australian Standard 2890.1: 2004.